Glocal Solutions Japan

Certified Expert

District Manager (Kansai Branch) & Certified Expert (Company Incorporation): Sachiko Inoue

Representative Shiho-shoshi Lawyer
Shihoshoshi Law Office Kobe Legal Partners

Certified Expert (IP Consultant): Takumi Kikegawa, LL.M.

Representative Patent Attorney

Certified Expert (Legal Consultant): Yuki Nakamura

Representative Attorney
Nakamura Law Offices

Certified Expert: Masayasu Tokuyama

President, TECHNO-PORT Inc.
Specialized domain: International Web marketing
Qualifications: Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Authorized Family Business Advisor (AFBA)

Certified Expert: Satoru Tanaka

President, Tanaka Satoru Technical Support Co., Ltd.
Specialized domain: Business visualization and business improvement consultation
Qualifications: Professional engineer (mechanical)