Glocal Solutions Japan



Seeking out the potentials to create brand new values.

The time has come for local businesses to do business directly with the WORLD!
Cross-border value creation.
Business development across borders.
Borderless recruitment …
We believe in such new possibilities.

By 2030, Glocal Solutions Japan will:

  • Create 10,000 more global companies,
  • Train 100,000 more business people into global business personnel, and
  • Create 10,000,000 more global jobs.


Creating new businesses by connecting “Local” with the “Global.”

Many of small- and mid-sized companies don’t seem to know how to create business with the rest of the world. Our mission is to provide support to such companies as experts.

  • Creating new businesses by hosting global corporate matching events
  • Providing opportunities to network with foreign companies
  • Connecting “Local” with the “Global” by sharing beneficial information, both domestic and international


Providing consultation by experienced and knowledgeable experts.

GSJ has formed a team of experts who agree with the vision of creating opportunities to shine on the world stage, providing support with advanced expertise in the field of global market development, international legal affairs, trading support, intellectual property, and so on.

  • Consultation on global market development
  • Online corporate matching events
  • International legal affairs, intellectual property and corporate legal affairs
  • Negotiation with overseas companies
  • Name of Association: Glocal Solutions Japan
  • Establishment: April 2, 2020
  • Location: 7F Yoshizawa Building, 3-9-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 JAPAN
  • Founder & Chairman: Hiroyuki Fukano
  • Director: Hiromichi Ono
                   Kayoko Okubo
  • Business Description: Hosting online corporate matching events, online business conventions, and seminars on global business expansion, as well as operation of membership community for members interested in global business.