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Matching (Connecting)

Solving global market development problems utilizing a massive network as leverage.

Global Market Development

Accessible to over 80 countries, GSJ experts have successfully made connections in total of 47 countries worldwide, from Southeast Asia, Middle East and to Europe.

”This is my first time developing a global market and I absolutely no idea what to do!” “I’ve done business overseas before, but I know nobody in the countries where I want to newly expand.” No problem! Let our experienced GSJ experts will help you!
GSJ takes advantage of its ample global network which enables global market development and amazingly speedy business connections otherwise impossible with average new sales tactics and business development.

Corporate Matching

GSJ hosts online corporate matching events mainly with Southern-Asian entrepreneurs. Actual business negotiation is feasible without traveling!

GSJ experts will make a list of corporations from a unique network of foreign companies in over 80 countries worldwide. Corporate matching event are then hosted with support in interpretation, translation and negotiation when and if necessary.
GSJ members also have the opportunity to attend online networking events and seminars on global business expansion.

Matching (Connecting)
  • Online corporate matching events with foreign companies
  • Online business networking events with foreign business owners
  • Referring foreign experts (in over 80 countries)
  • Planning and hosting seminars on global business expansion
  • Mediating M&A projects with domestic and international companies

Administration (Protection)

GSJ experts in international legal affairs, as well as corporate coaching can provide expert advice.

Global Market Research

In addition to the data on global market, experienced GSJ experts who are familiar with the local culture and traditions can provide consultation.

Only GSJ, with experience of creating businesses involving foreign companies in 47 countries worldwide, can not only implement overseas research multidirectionally but also provide advice based on local culture and traditions.
Conducting a global market research that’s practical and useful in business will certainly advance your business.

International Legal Affairs & Coaching

There are GSJ experts who are professionals in the fields of international legal affairs, as well as coaching, providing support with international legal affairs, intellectual property and corporate legal affairs.

GSJ can provide support on research on local laws and regulations, international legal affairs, intellectual property, corporate legal affairs, and all procedures necessary for foreign workers in Japan.
We also provide a wide variety of management support with corporate coaching and successor training at local or newly-established corporations abroad, as well as improvement on manufacturing sites.

Administration (Protection)
  • Global market research
  • Research on local laws and regulations
  • International legal affairs, intellectual property and corporate legal affairs
  • Procedures necessary for foreign workers in Japan
  • Corporate coaching
  • Successor training and improvement on manufacturing sites

Business (Practical)

Business negotiation support can be provided by GSJ experts on trading, sales and translation.

Trading & Negotiation Support

GSJ provides support with negotiation, which often becomes a major barrier in conducting global business.
Experts on trading, as well as negotiation, will lead your business to success.

A number of experts who are professionals in the fields of trading and negotiation belong to GSJ. Those experts can provide support on not only consulting but also practical operations, enabling smooth negotiations including local distributors’ value chains and pricing.

Translation & Interpretation

Practical operations and negotiation may often hit a language barrier, which can easily be resolved by translation and interpretation professionals.

GSJ experts can handle negotiation with foreign companies, international communication and documents creation in practical operations and marketing, as well as coaching in one shot.
GSJ experts are very experienced in global business, which means they know just conveying the message is not enough — they will help with communication with heart.

Business (Practical)
  • Actual trading support
  • Negotiation with foreign companies
  • Translation & Interpretation
  • Global sales
  • Training global sales teams
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We have a number of accomplishments in which we successfully helped businesses through global market expansion, researching local laws and regulations abroad, and negotiation with overseas companies.

Our Accomplishments

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