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GSJ Experts are highly-specialized professionals with experiences and achievements.

Hiroyuki Fukano

Founder / Chairman & Certified Expert (Global Market Development): Hiroyuki Fukano

NPB Trading Co., Ltd.

Hiroyuki is a certified GSJ expert who provides consultation mainly in the field of new overseas business development and corporate matching. With experience of new business developments in 47 countries so far and his ample network, he helps companies wishing to start international business, or those whose existing global business is not producing results. Since March 2020, when COVID-19 started to spread, he has hosted 4 online business networking events with foreign companies in just 6 months. Total of 121 companies participated, which resulted in many corporate business matching. Hiroyuki also provides negotiation support with foreign companies.

Hiromichi Ono

Director & Certified Expert (Industrial Product Planning): Hiromichi Ono

IOCube Co.,Ltd

Hiromichi is a certified GSJ expert who provides consultation to owners of industrial manufacturers (especially second- and third-generation owners) in order to solve their problems. Making use of techniques he’s acquired, Hiromichi provides support from the planning stage of new product development, while also working on relationship improvement inside and outside the company, outgrowing the subcontracting position and overseas expansion. He wishes to create products that can energize companies while solving problems of the world. He not only takes part in product development at small- and mid-sized companies but also at major corporations through coordination, as well as development of large-scale systems.

Sachiko Inoue

District Manager (Kansai Branch) & Certified Expert (Company Incorporation): Sachiko Inoue

Representative Shiho-shoshi Lawyer
Shihoshoshi Law Office Kobe Legal Partners

Located in Kobe, Sachiko represents an office of shiho-shoshi (judicial scrivener) and gyosei-shoshi (administrative scrivener) lawyers who are capable of correspondence in English and/or Chinese. Her office provides a one-stop service that includes registration procedures for foreign companies wishing to expand their market into Japan, application for issuance of a residence card to permit/license applications. Having ties with government offices such as departments that are in charge of enterprise invitation in Hyogo Prefecture and Kobe City, she is the registered shiho-shoshi lawyer at JETRO (in Kobe and in Osaka), an organization affiliated with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, to advise foreign companies on their first step in starting business in Japan. Sachiko also loves to handle cases that many shisho-shoshi lawyers typically avoid, such as those that require international communication, including international inheritance cases and real estate registration that involve foreign nationals.

Certified Expert (Corporate Coach): Hiroshi Matsumoto

ThinkA Co.,Ltd.

Hiroshi is a professional coach who improves organizational performance based on the mechanism of a mind (brain and heart) unraveled by psychology, brain science, and cognitive science, which evolved together with AI development. He has consulted and coached business people in various industries, mainly at major corporations, in multiple projects to help them accomplish their goals using sophisticated, cutting-edge scientific theories that were introduced to 33 million people around the world from U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, national government agencies, educational institutions, Olympic athletes and upper half of Fortune 500 companies. Hiroshi has successfully improved performance of organizations, as well as over 2,000 individuals including company owners and managers, athletes, educators and physicians.

Aika Florence Yasui

Certified Expert (Negotiation & Presentation): Aika Florence Yasui, MSIT

Heart Meets World

Aika left Japan at the age of 15 and spent a total of 20 years in Switzerland, France and the United States. She studied French and German in college and attended school in France as an American exchange student. Although she was invited to join FBI at a college job fair, she was rather shocked when she was told speaking 4 languages was insignificant … and decided to attend graduate school. After graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's Degree, Aika studied Instructional Technology. There she learned how to make corporate presentations before graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Master’s Degree. She tested herself by taking the SA-level United Nations Association’s Test of English in 2008, which resulted in her receiving the Foreign Minister’s Award for her level of English. She has various experiences such as acquiring a Green Card, getting a job and becoming an entrepreneur in the United States. Aika has experiences in working with various styles of communication in English from casual conversations to business negotiations and presentations.

Haruhiro Takeyama

Certified Expert (IT Project Consultant): Haruhiro Takeyama

Takeyani Co., Ltd.
Representative Director
Japan Creation Mechanism Association

Haruhiro has been a System Engineer for 17 years, mainly working with Java. He has successfully resolved troubles for major research institutes, major advertising agencies, and three largest banks and securities companies. Together with a development company of latest IT technologies such as AI, he also founded a general incorporated association to promote various business solutions even outside of IT fields. Current downturn of Japanese market has led him to work on further cooperation with overseas buyers while providing support for exporters of excellent Japanese products.

Kayoko Okubo

Certified Expert (International Trade Consulting & Strategy): Kayoko Okubo

OKB Coordinate

Kayoko is a trading strategies consultant, who can coordinate direct transactions between Japanese importers who found overseas items they want to obtain and the dealers of such items. She has engaged in all aspects of global business through 20 years of experience at small- and mid-sized specialized trading companies and car importers, from contacting over 30 foreign companies in 15 countries, negotiation and strategizing, entering sales and exclusive distributorship agreements, actual trading business to international logistics. In order to connect Japan with the world, OKB Coordinate provides services to support small- and mid-sized companies, who tend to shy away from proactively engaging in global business due to language barrier, lack of understanding in business customs and cultural differences, as well as lack of trading experiences and knowledge, for them to realize direct transactions with overseas companies safely and securely, without relying on trading companies.

Takumi Kikegawa

Certified Expert (IP Consultant): Takumi Kikegawa, LL.M.

Representative Patent Attorney
Teclaw Patent & Law Office

Takumi is a certified GSJ expert who provides expertise in intellectual property strategy planning that suits business development, as well as protection of various intellectual property rights. He makes full use of intellectual property rights system that involves not only patents but also designs and trademarks, in order to suggest the most suitable means to protect and develop the business. With a number of affiliated advisors in the field of intellectual property strategy, as well as his experience in infringement lawsuits concerning various intellectual property rights, Takumi has worked on rights protection not only in Japan but also in most countries around the world.

Yuki Nakamura

Certified Expert (Legal Consultant): Yuki Nakamura

Representative Attorney
Nakamura Law Offices

Attorney at Law (Japan and New York state) Yuki is an international lawyer with qualifications in Japan, New York state and Singapore (at Singapore International Commercial Court). After working at Yabuki Law Offices, which specialize in international compliance cases, and a major American law office Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP’s San Francisco office, he set up his own legal practice Nakamura Law Offices. At his own practice, Yuki has supported many Japanese companies expand overseas with over 10 years of knowledge and experience as an attorney. His accomplishments include transactions such as global market expansion for manufacturing businesses, opening shops at overseas event opening for restaurant businesses, international trade contracts for cross-border M&A, legal due diligence and establishing overseas branches, as well as representation at international dispute cases such as collection of claim debt from a foreign debtor, negotiation in regard to termination of a joint venture and questioning witnesses at the American Embassy.

写真:中 正宏

Certified Expert (International Trade Support (agriculture, forestry, fisheries and livestock industries / food and beverages)): Masahiro Naka

KM International Co., Ltd.

Masahiro traveled to Australia at the age of 25 to learn English on his own. After launching global logistics businesses and hotels for long-term visitors in Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia, he returned to Japan to start his own business. With his 12-year experience abroad and access to a global network he’s built, Masahiro has been supporting small- to mid-sized Japanese companies exporting to Southeast Asia as a food-exporting industry expert at public organizations such as JETRO and Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation. He supports over 50 companies yearly, leading them to successfully reach contracts to export food to Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Russia. Masahiro is strong in providing comprehensive support throughout the exporting process. His support includes designing a roadmap and necessary followup after participating in the negotiation all the way through contracting, as well as checking on regulations on the importing side, FDA registration, various exporting procedures and marketing and promotion planning after the export.

Certified Expert (Environmental Business-related Legal Affairs): Mari Shibata

Representative Attorney
Shibata Total Law Offices

Specialized in environmental issues, especially those related to industrial waste, Mari is one of Japan’s leading attorneys handling administrative (including administrative litigations and requests for administrative appeal), civil, criminal and M&A cases that are related to environmental issues and waste problems nationwide. She is possibly the only attorney in Japan who accompanies her client companies during negotiation with administrations, in order to discover legal issues and solve those problems together. She also supports her clients with legislative preparations necessary in establishing new businesses in the environmental field and even obtains permissions from final disposal sites and intermediate treatment facilities for industrial waste. Her clientele includes a variety of enterprises from small- to mid-sized companies to listed corporations. She believes in preventive law. Mari also serves as a member of municipality’s Resource Recycling Promotion Committee and manages environmental law seminars by Sophia Law School. She has delivered numerous lectures, and written many books and papers.

Manabu Mitsuya

Certified Partner (Manufacturing Business): Manabu Mitsuya

Fuji Metal Craft Inc.

Manabu is a founder and president in the metal-processing industry. He participates in a spacecraft development project in which major corporations collaborate, as his experience of creating 3 million items and technology acquired in field experience during 30 years he devoted to metal can and sheet metal processing were highly evaluated. Having many major corporations in Aichi Prefecture that run a 24-hour operation as clients, Manabu has been meeting highly-urgent demands of such clients for whom a few-hour stop of production would cause a major damage, and he has also established a unique “express” correspondence method others can’t imitate. His clients now call him the “Paramedic of Craftsman.” Furthermore, goods he delivers are known for their beautility – beautiful appearance backed by functionality and convenience, which shows how Manabu understands the feelings of users.

Hiroshi Kato

Certified Partner (Creative/Promotional Translation): Hiroshi Kato

Techno Pro Japan, Inc.

Hiroshi manages a translation company, which has been continuously receiving orders for translation work from both national and foreign-owned companies, including major IT corporations, for over 20 years. As his company provides translation with the highest-level quality in the industry, its adoption of freelance translators is kept minimal at 2-3%. Thus the number of affiliated translators is kept relatively small at around 80, with only the most-talented freelancers taking parts. Introducing the abilities of professional translators to Japanese people and companies who wish to expand their businesses abroad shall boost the probability of those business people to convey their true messages more attractively in the country and market they wish to expand. Hiroshi also aims to suggest the BEST form of words by having translators work together with GSJ experts, instead of simply delivering translations.

写真:中村 映子

GSJ Concierge : Eiko Nakamura


Acting as a “concierge” to business owners who hope to make their companies last over 100 years, Eiko interviews owners and successors of small- to mid-sized companies so as to suggest appropriate solutions to problems and support their business operations. Specifically, she provides domestic and global sales support, makes human resource proposals, creates sales tools such as movies, designs graphics and creates documents and logos. Eiko has previously taken part in operations such as overseas sales, trading and international logistics for over 10 years at a precision equipment manufacturer. While handling international transactions mainly with China, USA, France and Italy, she also developed new markets, doubling the sales from the previous year within one year into the development. She is strong in existing product rollout in certain markets, which are different from existing markets and uses within Japan. Eiko later worked at a manufacturer of automotive design models (mock-ups) on projects to produce concept cars for auto manufacturers. There she promoted and managed the process comprehensively by making production proposals to clients (major auto manufacturers), managing outsourcing of parts processing through delivery. She then worked with a startup IT system development company in expansion of engineers network. Eiko has various experiences in such a wide variety of industries.

  • Name of Association: Glocal Solutions Japan
  • Establishment: April 2, 2020
  • Location: #3, 2F Tokumiya Bldg. 1-12-4 Kudan-kita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0073 JAPAN
  • Founder & Chairman: Hiroyuki Fukano
  • Directors: Hiromichi Ono
  • Business Description: Hosting online corporate matching events, online business conventions, and seminars on global business expansion, as well as operation of membership community for members interested in global business.