Glocal Solutions Japan

Pre-expansion Support

For Overseas Companies

Glocal Solutions Japan (GSJ) provides comprehensive support for overseas companies
wishing to advance into Japan, by helping them gain access to the new market, gain market trust and eventually increasing sales

Will my product/service be accepted in Japan?
If so, where should I start?
We can answer all of your questions in regards to your advancement.

1. Market Research & Development of Agencies, Business Partners and Mark

We provide support on market research, as well as marketing and sales of manufactured products in Japan.
This market research can clarify: market scale of your business, characteristics of potential clientele, competition trends, advantages of your product(s) over the competition, possible risks for entering the market and countermeasures.
We can also create opportunities for business negotiation in order to find potential distributors and develop new markets, regardless of target company size.

2. Documents Preparation for Company Establishment and Application for Registration in Japan

Registration is required for any establishment by corporations, including establishment of joint ventures, overseas subsidiaries and branch offices.
Legal experts called Shiho-shoshi (Judicial Scriveners) can take care of this process.
Not many Shiho-shoshi can handle registrations that involve non-Japanese personnel or company as they tend to be more difficult,
but experienced experts at Glocal Solutions Japan can provide consultation in English or in Chinese. 

< Optional Service > Support on Bank Account Setup and Related Documents

This service is only available to those who subscribe to the service above: 
2. Documents Preparation for Company Establishment and Application for Registration in Japan
We unfortunately cannot accept a request for this service alone.

Opening a bank account in Japan after establishing a company may be very difficult.
We support our clients by providing advice on bank account setup and creating necessary documents.
(We may not be able to meet your expectations even after providing the support, however, since bank account setup depends on the result of evaluations by the bank.)

3. Applying for Certificate of Eligibility

If representative(s) and/or employee(s) of a newly-established company are relocating from overseas, they will need to apply for their own Certificate of Eligibility.
Preparation for this application process becomes smoother when applied simultaneously with the company establishment registration.
Although two different types of scriveners, Shiho-shoshi (Judicial Scriveners) Gyosei-shoshi (Administrative Scriveners), are required to handle these cases,
experts at Glocal Solutions Japan obtaining both qualifications can take care of this process to prepare in the shortest amount of time.

4. Applying for Permits and Licenses

Certain industries are required to submit reports and/or request for permits from the government or local authorities.
Upon interviewing the industry of your choice, we provide support by applying for permits and licenses as necessary.

5. Post-Fact Report and Advance Notification Based on Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act

Establishing a company with foreign capital requires a report addressed to the minister in charge through a notification to Bank of Japan.
An advance notification is required prior to company establishment and registration in certain industries.
A certain period needs to be set after this notification before the actual application for company establishment and registration as failure to submit this notification leads to a penalty.
Shiho-shoshi in charge can handle this process appropriately. 

6. Intellectual Property Strategy & Patent Application

We provide support through acquisition of patent rights, utility model rights, design rights and trademarks in Japan,
as well as legal support in case of intellectual property infringement.
We protect your intellectual property and your business by supporting you in processes such as Japanese patent application and transition of an international patent to Japan,
as well as in case of an infringement from issuing a warning against those who violate the rights to a lawsuit.

Providing communication support to strategic planning for market expansion –
Experts in trading, translation, branding and marketing support help deploy your product/service throughout Japan.

7. Executive-level Interpretation & Negotiation (for American corporations only)

An interpreter and negotiator with experience of working and managing businesses both in the U.S.A. and Japan can interpret,
negotiate and make presentations on your behalf according to your specific business strategies.

8. Consultation on New Product Development 

We provide the following operational support on sales of industrial products within Japan:
Finding potential distributors
Product strategy for Japanese consumers (specifications (such as regulations and physiques of Japanese people), packaging and user manuals, etc.)

9. Language & Cultural Training for Non-Japanese Personnel

Due to labor shortage, employment of non-Japanese personnel is on the increase.
In the meantime, many foreign workers are having difficulty getting used to Japanese culture, customs and language.
We provide a training not on purpose of making non-Japanese personnel fluent in Japanese nor turning them into Japanese,
but to explain basic concepts, mindsets and the background behind them that are hard to understand for non-Japanese people.
We then provide a minimal language training in Japanese in order to prevent those foreign nationals from causing troubles without knowing and possibly running away.
We thus prevent chronic lack of manpower while establishing an open and trusting work environment.

Legal experts at Glocal Solutions Japan collaborate with their counterparts around the world.
They provide legal support with extensive knowledge of not only Japan but also differences that exist between your country and ours.

10. Business Contracts Preparation and Legal Consultation

When new contracts are to be concluded, we first interview our clients on intent and purpose of the contract,
including what they intend to achieve, in order to prepare the contracts according to the intent.
We also provide consultation on how to create a "winning" contract when and in case conflicts occur.

11. Negotiation with the Government on Legal Issues

When starting a new business, there may be a need for an exchange of opinions with the government.
We support your business by explaining the business intention, purpose and legitimacy to the administration from the legal point of view.

12. Legal Support on New Businesses

We verify whether there are any legal restrictions or not on a new business you intend to start.
We then provide consultation if there is a restriction on the said business in order for you to avoid violating the laws and regulations.
We also create contracts to conclude with clients on the new business.

13. Evaluation of Business Legitimacy

We verify legitimacy of the current and/or new businesses.
We also provide consultation in order for our clients to conduct their businesses legally when there is a conflicting law.

14. Negotiation, Representation and Litigation in Case of Conflicts

In case a conflict occurs with clients and other business partners,
we provide support by negotiating with the other party on your behalf or representing you in litigations.

15. Resolving Legal Questions

We provide support by resolving legal questions that may arise while conducting daily business operations.

16. Due Diligence for M&A

We examine whether your target and its operational methods have no legal and compliance issues or not.
Since legal restrictions are especially complicated in the field of environmental laws,
there often are cases in which business is being conducted without knowing the regulations.
If your target company matches this case, going through with M&A with no knowledge of the situation may cause legal issues in the future.
We thus conduct due diligence necessary for legally-safe M&A. 

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